Welcome :: Winter 2008

My name is Todd K. Christensen. And I design things.

   I'm not trying to be a tough guy. But I like the idea of simple, unpadded, direct design that can punch it's weight. I'm confident given a little road-work and some time in the ring we can get your project in fighting shape. NOTE: Now that I am officially rolled into Q&A I will likely only include side projects, labors of love, and freelance on this site.

How about some tunes?

   CreativeTechs sent out the code to this nifty MP3 player. So I thought I'd test it out. I hope you like our playlist.

November 2007. Kaufman Kampe Associates

   This project was designed and produced by me as a part of Q&A and mS.Quesinberry of Q&A did all the art direction and the identity and branding work.

September 2007. Ducca.

   In conjunction with Q&A Design we several projects were completed. including this web and identity materials job for the San Francisco restaurant Ducca. The incredible interiors were designed by long time partners of Q&A, The Puccini Group. If you're in San Francisco make sure you check out the pattio bar at Ducca.

Monday, July 30, 2007. Quesinberry and Associates is back .

   Wendy Quesinberry and I are joining super forces again to reform Q&A Design. Wendy and I worked together from 2002 to 2006. She has sold her partnership at Golden Lasso to take on exciting new challenges, the least of which will be working with me. Though we don't have our web site finished yet, we DO have an office (currently getting IT ready) and we have lots of eager clients. Do not fear! Bare Knuckle Design will still be in operation for all my current clients. New clients will be brought in as Quesinberry and Associates and will now get the expert attention of Ms. Quesinberry— Creative Director and Strategist Extraordinary! I will keep BKD going to service my special projects and freelance work. This site may also serve as a professional and personal blog eventually. It will still be worth visiting. UPDATE: Server and production up and running. Website under construction.

Northwest Jiu Jitsu Academy.

   A labor of love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black-belt coach Brian Johnson. A fantastic coach, a good friend, and a beautiful art. If you want to learn some ass-kick'n moves... go see my friend Brain Johnson at NWJJA. You won't get sand kicked in your face again. A very basic CSS site. (New photos and blog section pending).

Cardiac Science Corporate Overview DVD UI

Currently in production: Cardiac Science.

   Just finished the design and gained approval for this nifty UI destined for sales presentations for a medical technology company, Cardiac Science (formerly Burdick and Quinton Cardiology). It will be an exciting hybrid of Flash, CSS, and XHTML and we will wrap it up in early February. Another great project with Wendy Quesinberry and the folks at Golden Lasso.

Completed. Telus Assessment Tool UI

   Flying Machine Development required some comps for a important communication and internet client, Telus, who wanted to create an assessment tool for their Mobile users. The tool will assess users needs through a survey and Flash presentation and then recommend solutions that their other customers have found successful. It's a great idea. FMD will be handing all the back-end, Action Scripting, and Flash work. Finding the balance between a good UI and an established brand, a new brand yet to debut, and matching the design of another agency, were the tricks on this one.

Secret & still in production. Metabeam

   In conjunction with our pals at Flying Machine Development I have been doing lots of UI/Product UI work for these Meta guys this year. All sorts of things. And I can't tell you much because it's all super secret. But this is one simple web UI design we completed a ways back and it's up and it won't let the cat out of the bag. Ssssssssh. I wish I could say more.

Completed: TeraCloud.

   In conjunction with Flying machine Development and Hornall Anderson, I got a chance to design some brand specific graphical facelifts for an updated TeraCloud product called TeraCloud Storage Framework Express. This was a facelift to the home page and a call to action on specific pages. FMD integrated the Flash, back-end, and was in charge of expanding the on-line licensing and purchasing process. The product is set to debut in late March.

Microsoft CEO Summit 2007

   Working again with our friends from Flying Machine Development. UI design for the annual CEO Summit Intranet. This Summit is attended by all the big wigs at Microsoft and other corporations. The design is nothing fancy but it is an illustration of following the new Vista MS brand and a the intuitive linear UI standard Microsoft utilizes. As usual FMD handles all the hard stuff on this one.